Season preparation and shipping kit south (August 2018)

Katie Joy | 01 Oct 2018
Test metal detection panel and accessories ready to be shipped [Image: K H Joy]

In August we packed up our hire van and sent off Geoff down to the British Antarctic Survey in Cambridge with our equipment for the upcoming season’s fieldwork.  We will be undertaking two separate trips – one a reconnaissance expedition to visit several blue icefields to see if they are productive meteorite concentration zones and the other to test the metal detector equipment in a cold environment.  (More about both of these trips later on in other posts).

The trip takes a lot of preparation and hard work, cumulating (until we head south in December on a plane!) in us carefully packaging all our bulky equipment up so that it can be loaded onto one of BAS’s ships that will sail south in October, arriving at Rothera base in early-mid December.

Packing up some of the meteorite collection materials – from bags to field notebooks [Image: K H Joy]

Prior to this we have spent the last few months sourcing, purchasing and building all the field kit we might need – everything from meteorite collection kits (fancy sturdy boxes, sterile bags, collection tongs, lots of tape…) to the main plastic panels and electronic systems for the metal detectors. The guys in Electronic Engineering worked their socks off to get the system finished and tuned all in a really tight schedule. Everything needed to be inventoried and packed up carefully, which is somewhat of a challenge when we are shipping five of our huge 2 x 1.5 metre metal detection panels. Andy did a sterling job of keeping everything in check and thanks to Kath at BAS cargo for her guidance and advice.

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Having arrived safely at Cambridge, hopefully by now all our kit is loaded onto the ship, and Geoff and I will be reunited with it at Rothera base ready to head out to our field sites.

Our field equipment heading off from the University of Manchester – on the road south… [Image: K H Joy]

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