Katie Joy | 02 Jan 2019

We made it to our first field site this afternoon. One flight out of three complete and Julie and I have set up camp. We are cosy in our tent and have had dinner (‘man food’ — rehydrated food which is actually much taster than anticipated). The rest of our gear will hopefully join us tomorrow including the skidoo and science equipment when Vicky and the twin otter plane return. We had a cloudy first part of the flight after a snowy night at Halley but the clouds cleared over the Shackleton mountains and, after a refuel stop, we did a fly-over of our potential next site to check out the blue ice and a possible traverse route.

We are camped on snow close to blue ice (where we hope the meteorites will be) and the ground is covered with amazing ice crystals like hoar frost that blow around in the 12 knot winds. They are sparkling in the sunshine like glitter. There is not a lot of topography on the horizon with no nunatuks (mountain tops protruding through the ice sheet) to be seen from our field site so it is somewhat stark not to have any scale reference.

Hopefully we will be out to work in the next couple of days.

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