Farewell Punta

Geoff Evatt | 09 Jan 2019

Fingers crossed I’m heading off south tomorrow. As such here’s some audio blogposts and photos from around Punta Arenas to celebrate.

undefined Click to listen [1m 03s]

Polishing Magellan’s toe, which allegedly means you return to Punta…. mixed feelings on that having already spent a week here. [Credit G W Evatt]

Patagonian Panpipes playing traditional UK panpipe music:

undefined Click to listen [2m 13s]

Some military pomp:

undefined Click to listen [2m 40s]

Not some military pomp:

undefined Click to listen [4m 55s]

King penguin colony on Tierra del Fuego. Disappointed by the lack of dancing. [Credit: G W Evatt]
Inside the Shackleton Bar in Punta Arenas; it was from its namesake that his men’s rescue was organised. I organised several coffees from here. [Credit: G W Evatt]
Mike Rose and I before we had dinner onboard this BAS Antarctic Science ship, the James Clarke Ross. [Credit: G W Evatt]

One thought on “Farewell Punta

  1. Well Mike came back again after rubbing the toe but I didn’t rub the toe and I haven’t come back yet so it must work! Interesting music though not keen on the Thrash, would like to have heard the penguins dancing…


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