A cold and windy day, with some more meteorites found

—  Katie Joy | 11 Jan 2019

Two for the price of one: two stones sitting close to each other [Credit: K H Joy]

We are moving on up in our meteorite count with 8 new samples collected today. We had a very cold start with 20 knot winds and –9 °C in sun air temperatures (about –20 °C or so with the wind chill). We returned to one of the sites we went to yesterday to see if the new day would bring any better luck, but there were no meteorites. Both of us were pretty cold driving into the wind, and I donned a thick down jacket and did a lot of star jumps and foot stomping to try and get some life back into my feet. After a couple of hours we wanted to seek out a slightly more sheltered spot, and so moved on back to the site where we had previously found some meteorites. We
were quickly back in business, collecting a small plum-sized sample and for the rest of the day our searching went well — we found a pretty large, relatively flat meteorite fragment, two apple-sized meteorites sitting about 5 m apart from each other (which are probably are two pieces of the same stone), and a really tiny guy about 1 cm in size (he definitely went into a small-sized collection bag). Our total meteorite stone count is now 18. We will probably have about one or two more days in this area before we move on somewhere new. Some more Twin Otter flying is needed to get us to our new camp.

Julie with the largest meteorite we have found so far. [Credit: K H Joy]

We have covered about 200 km in the last three days — a mix of traverse driving on linked travel to get between the icefields, and then a lot of searching up and down the ice itself. I am pretty achy and tired — we spend a lot of the day standing up on the skidoos wearing a full climbing rack (i.e. lots of metal equipment used to help set up a crevasse rescue anchor system) and I am very much enjoying sitting down and drinking hot chocolate this evening.

Katie trialling her gift magnet from the Manchester crew. [Credit J Baum]

PS. Thanks to Tom, Marissa, Katie M and Sam, my PhD students back in Manchester for the toy magnet. Photo shows me deploying it on some terrestrial rocks yesterday to check if they had magnetite in or not… Hope you are all doing well.

PPS. Forgot to name check Adam, Dave and Cary for being our co-pilots getting us and our kit out to the field site. Thanks guys for your help!

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