The wind has dropped, the wind has dropped!

Katie Joy | 23 Jan 2019

We had a full tent day yesterday — it was gusting 25 to 30 knots and the snow was a blowing along the ground creating some nice drifts behind the tent. The noise was pretty loud, both the wind rushing around the tent and snow pelting against the side. We spent much of the day reading, playing suduko and staring up at our boots hanging at the top of the tent as they danced around as the tent shook in the wind.

The one upside of a tent day is that we have longer to prepare meals, and Julie cooked us some pan bread which we enjoyed with a baked Camembert for dinner. Normally for dinner we have the rehydrated ‘man food’ meals – which I mentioned in an earlier post. They are not bad actually with flavours ranging from sweet and sour chicken to chicken tikka and chicken korma, chilli con carne, lasagne , salmon flavoured with dill and mash potato, and Mediterranean pasta. We have worked our way around all the flavours twice now I think, so a break for something a bit different is pretty welcome.

Camembert and pan bread for dinner. 
[Credit: K H Joy]

The winds stayed high over night, finally dropping off by about 10 am this morning to the point where snow was no longer blowing and it was good enough contrast to go out and search. We visited a new icefield we haven’t been to before and revisited a couple of others — the advantage of a couple of days of high winds is that it has swept away a lot of the recent surface snow. We managed to find one meteorite this afternoon of a nice size and rather lozenge shaped, about half buried into the ice, which required a bit of ‘negotiating’ to get out. Only one ‘find’ after quite a bit of driving, so hopefully we will have the good weather for another full day out and about and we can find some more. The count is now at 34.

Meteorite partially trapped in ice.
[Credit: K H Joy]
The camp in high winds. [Credit: K H Joy]

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