Life at Rothera research station

Romain Tartese | 02 Dec 2019

The Bransfield House, where we have our office set up [Credit: R. Tartese]

We’ve now been at Rothera for almost a week, so I thought I’d update readers on what life at an Antarctica research station is like. Most people on base work from 0830 until 1800, and so do we. At the moment there are more than 100 people living on base, doing all sorts of jobs such as electricians, carpenters, electrical engineers, weather forecast, mechanics, divers, field guides, pilots, scientists, doctors, etc.

Geoff, Wouter and myself are sharing four people bedrooms that contain two bunk beds, whilst Katie has been provided with a luxury 2 people bedroom with en-suite bathroom. Life here revolves around aircraft taking off and landing, and meal times. It’s been cloudy for the past few days, so aircraft activity has been reduced dramatically — on the other hand, eating is going well! We tend to go for breakfast 1 at around 0730. I wrote breakfast 1 because at 1030, it’s smoko time, which consists of a second breakfast / early lunch with bacon, sausages, soup, etc. Lunch is at 1300, there is another tea break at 1630, and dinner is at 1900. The food is awesome, big thanks to the chefs for keeping everybody well fed and happy.

In between the various bits of training we’ve had to do (see Wouter upcoming post on this), we have also started putting together the whole metal detection systems that we will be dragging on the blue ice fields in the coming weeks.

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During free time, people enjoy doing all sorts of activities, from reading, watching movies or playing board games, to going out for a walk around the point or skiing down the ramp above the base.

The Ramp, above Rothera, which acts as the local ski slope [Credit: R. Tartese]



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